Featured Artist: Donna Hopkins

Donna Hopkins is a pediatric physical therapist by education and training, but took time off from her career to raise her family. During that break, she found time to explore her creative side. Donna began her photography career with a digital SLR camera and a basic photography class, but she is primarily self- taught. Her experience as a physical therapist, appreciating posture and movement, make her uniquely suited to making portraits of people.

Donna is a Fredericksburg native. She lives in Spotsylvania County with her husband and two sons. She loves to sew, and her quilting was the inspiration for her business name, Patchwork Photos. Donna can most often be found at the local library, the park, the farmer’s market, or in any garden, and she will almost certainly have her camera in hand. She searches with patience and persistence, and finds pictures hidden like treasure.

Donna loves photography because it slows her down and makes her watchful and grateful. She shares her expertise by taking photos that tell a story, help us appreciate the ordinary, or celebrate relationships. She aspires to be kind with her camera, serving the community wherever God leads.

See work by Donna Hopkins here

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